Tiktok’s Future In The US Is Looking Shaky

According to Reuters, TikTok has paused its hiring process for a group of US-based consultants that would help to implement the final requirements of its potential security agreement with the US Government.

Just before Christmas, TikTok had appeared to be close to a securing final sign-off on a deal to secure it’s US operations.

Why would Tiktok be banned in the US:

  • Apparently, there is an ongoing investigation. Reports suggest that Titok’s parent company ByteDance has been spying on American journalists via Tiktok
  • There have been ongoing bans and warnings from top security personnel concerning the app which has led to bans on government-affiliated accounts

What’s the future of Tiktok in the US?

19 US states have now at least partially blocked TikTok access on government devices.

A TikTok ban is back on the agenda.

If ByteDance has actually used TikTok to spy, then it seems likely that all deals will be off, and that sanctions, further restrictions, or entirely new requirements may be imposed on the app.

TikTok is now halting its $1.5 billion plan to meet the US Government’s demands .

There’s still a long way to go, but the mounting concerns do point to an inflection point coming for the app, sometime very soon.

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